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COVID-19 drive-thru testing rollout blurs lines between public, private sectors
Rana Mamdouh | The prime minister visited the company’s first drive-through site the day it opened, on June 15.
What happened to the social sciences in Egypt?
Mai Shams El-Din | The corporatization of education and restricted political environment has diminished Egypt's social sciences
June 30, 3 years on: State efforts to depoliticize universities falter
Mai Shams El-Din and Pesha Magid | June 30, 3 years on: A series of infographs that detail how the state's efforts to depoliticize universities
Students call for general assembly on fate of dissolved Egyptian Student Union
Mai Shams El-Din | Student union leaders from 16 universities across the country are planning a general assembly meeting
Student unions face major challenges ahead of new semester
Mai Shams El-Din | Mai Shams El-Din on the mountain of problems accumulated since the 2013 overthrow of Morsi, from annulled
Cairo University professor exposes security intervention in academic freedoms
Mai Shams El-Din | Egypt’s academic community has been fighting intervention by security bodies into academic life since
Students vow to continue fight over national students union, ministry procrastinates
Mai Shams El-Din |   A group of revolutionary student movements vowed in a press conference Monday to continue supporting
Fate of student union elections unknown as conflict widens between students and state
Mai Shams El-Din | “The generals are upset because we have a student union president who speaks for detainees and is affiliated
Student outrage as education minister bars Student Union from elections
State Council stays neutral in Egyptian Student Union saga
Cairo University reverses cancellation of professor’s sabbatical
Student community outraged after Egyptian Student Union dissolved
Police forcefully disperse student protest outside Higher Education Ministry