Was Hassm behind the car bomb attack outside the National Cancer Institute?
Mariam Elashmawy, Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira and Mohamed Hamama | A look into militant group Hassm, accused in Sunday's attack, as well other possible culprits.
Counterterrorism in Sisi’s 1st term: Progress despite clinging to tradition
Omar Said | How have Egypt’s counterinsurgency efforts played out during Sisi’s first term in office?
Who was behind the attack in the Bahariya Oasis?
Omar Said | Official sources've offered little information and no group's claimed responsibility for the attack
Interior Ministry: 7 Hassm members killed, 1 police officer injured in Giza clashes
Interior Ministry: 5 Hassm members killed, 5 others arrested
Interior Ministry: Police kill 10 militants responsible for attack on Alexandria security director
Interior Ministry: Security kill 6 Hassm militants responsible for attack on Alexandria security director
Police announce death of 3 members of militant group Hassm
US lists Lewaa al-Thawra and Hassm as terrorist organizations, citing Muslim Brotherhood links
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