TOPIC Gypsum Gallery
A new rhythm: Cairo’s arts scene navigates reopening
Nada Nabil | “Our work revolves around the collective experience of watching films in a dark room."
Subtle intimacies: On Gypsum Gallery’s “Codes of Coupling”
Mariam Elnozahy | The works on display expose the intimate nature of everyday spaces we mindlessly occupy.
An address between trace and proposition: On Gypsum Gallery’s latest group show
Ash Moniz | The show emphasized intimate spaces, homes and habitats
On poignant politics and precarious monuments
Ismail Fayed | A review of Mahmoud Khaled’s new exhibition, A New Commission for an Old State
On portraiture as a work of fiction: Reviewing Gypsum Gallery’s latest show
Sara Elkamel | But what if describing a taxidermied bird’s flight as mere fiction ends the story too soon?
Q&A: On how Randa Shaath’s photography moved in from the street
Lina Attalah | Randa Shaath on showing in a contemporary art gallery and the battles of working in Egyptian newspapers.
Birthmark as colonial inspiration: Shady Elnoshokaty at Gypsum
Jahd Khalil | About five minutes in, each piece of art began triggering thoughts about my own moles.
Doing nothing
Sarah Rifky | #WAYDO marks an interesting moment of collaboration between two types of institution and it stages a
Gypsum Gallery’s first year: An alternative in the making
Ismail Fayed | With nine shows for its first year, Gypsum Gallery is proving itself to be a different and perhaps alternative
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