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Economy in a Week: Gulf aid keeping Egypt afloat
Isabel Esterman | Billions of dollars in aid from the Arab Gulf have pushed Egypt’s balance of payment to a surplus of
Economy in a week: CBE keeps interest low despite inflation fears
Sherif Zaazaa | Against the backdrop of a major government reshuffle, maintaining the status quo was the dominant theme
Economy in a week: Power cuts and financial stimulus
Sherif Zaazaa | Egypt has been experiencing another wave of blackouts throughout the country, caused by energy shortages
Egypt is close, and it’s got women in it

Egypt receives $500 million from Saudi, secures funds from Kuwait and EBRD
Foreign reserves above US$20 billion after Gulf deposits
Egypt expects $6 billion in Central Bank deposits within days
Update: As economic summit draws to a close, deals said to reach $38.2 billion
Day 1 at the EEDC: Gulf countries promise US$12.5 bn in aid and investment
Sisi visits Kuwait to beat investment drum amid economic uncertainty
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