TOPIC Giulio Regeni
Contentious ‘joint investigation’ into Regeni murder ends with mutual Egyptian-Italian understanding to part ways
Egypt will “temporarily close” its investigation into the 2016 murder of Italian PhD student Giulio
Italian officials: Intransigence in Regeni investigation, deteriorating rights situation may hinder Egypt-Italy military, economic cooperation
Rome prosecutors may make the investigation public if Egypt does not cooperate, the sources say
Italian FM sends letter to Shoukry requesting legal residences of 5 Egyptian security officials to start Regeni trial in absentia
In Italian law, defendants must be notified of their indictment to be tried in absentia
4 years after Giulio Regeni killing, Egypt and Italy grow ties in spite of unresolved case
“2020 must be the year of truth, the year of Giulio Regeni.”
How will Egypt react to Italian escalation in the Regeni case?
In the aftermath of Rome's escalations, speculations abound regarding Cairo’s next move
Regeni lawyer discloses names of Egyptian suspects in murder case
Lawyer representing Regeni's family says she has compiled a list of at least 20 Egyptian suspects
Source: Italian FM warns Egypt of ‘escalation,’ demands trial in Regeni case within 6 months
Egypt has six months to begin trial in the case, an Egyptian official tells Mada Masr
Rights take back seat to ‘priorities’ in Egyptian-European relations
Asmahan Soliman and Leonardo Giansanti | Despite Egypt's ongoing rights abuses, arms sales, migration deals and Libya negotiations continue
After Regeni, ambassadors to return and state leaders to meet
Asmahan Soliman | September is a honeymoon period for Egypt and Italy as ambassadors return, and leaders expected to meet
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The thread between Giulio Regeni and Italy’s migration deal
Italy gave up the search for truth about a murder to reduce the influx of migrants
Heba El-Sherif
Media spotlight: Giulio Regeni as seen by Egypt’s media pundits
There is a move towards presenting 'business as usual' concerning relations with Italy in Egyptian media
Lucia Sorbera, Andrea Teti, Gennaro Gervasio, Enrico De Angelis
Raison d’état: On Giulio Regeni and the return of Italy’s ambassador to Cairo
4 Italian academics explain why the return of the ambassador to Cairo is not in Italy's national interest
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Egyptian prosecution doubles down on dismissal of Italian Regeni investigation
Despite backlash over Regeni case, Italian PM announces sale of warships to Egypt to proceed
UPDATE: Italy backtracks from sale of warships to Egypt amid backlash over Regeni case
Detained researcher’s lawyers say he was beaten, his arrest report falsified
Italian chief prosecutor: Giulio Regini case has reached stalemate
Egypt’s Foreign Ministry refutes ‘speculations’ that ambassador to Rome will return to Cairo over Regeni rift
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