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TOPIC Giulio Regeni
After Regeni, ambassadors to return and state leaders to meet
Asmahan Soliman | September is a honeymoon period for Egypt and Italy as ambassadors return, and leaders expected to meet
Italy accuses 10 of killing Regeni, removes 16 officials from list of suspects
Asmahan Soliman | Italian investigators may shortly request opening of investigations into 10 suspects
A year after discovering Regeni’s body, Cairo stalls and Rome seeks a way out
Asmahan Soliman | Investigations stall as authorities debate details and the reinstating of ambassadors
One year on from the last station: A timeline of the Giulio Regeni case
Mada Masr has compiled a timeline that charts the events that followed from Regeni’s last station
Giulio Regeni: From a small village to a world cause
Lina Attalah | “We know how he was killed, but now we need to know why,” Giulio's mother Paola says.
Leaked MOI memos reveal intentions to issue gag orders on Journalists Syndicate raid, Regeni’s murder
Mohamed Hamama | Amid its feud with the Journalists Syndicate, the Interior Ministry accidentally revealed its
Contradictions, rumors and conspiracy surround Giulio Regeni in local press
Pesha Magid | Local press in Egypt has been circulating numerous unconfirmed reports about the cause of Italian
AUC remembers Giulio Regeni, protests university’s position on his murder
Mai Shams El-Din | A memorial service was held on Wednesday at the American University in Cairo (AUC) for Italian PhD student
Mattia Toaldo
The thread between Giulio Regeni and Italy’s migration deal
Italy gave up the search for truth about a murder to reduce the influx of migrants
Heba El-Sherif
Media spotlight: Giulio Regeni as seen by Egypt’s media pundits
There is a move towards presenting 'business as usual' concerning relations with Italy in Egyptian media
Lucia Sorbera, Andrea Teti, Gennaro Gervasio, Enrico De Angelis
Raison d’état: On Giulio Regeni and the return of Italy’s ambassador to Cairo
4 Italian academics explain why the return of the ambassador to Cairo is not in Italy's national interest
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Regeni case update: Egyptian public prosecutor delivers key surveillance footage to Italian prosecution
Italian General Prosecutor: Egyptian secret services complicit in Regeni case
Cambridge defends staff member against accusations of involvement in Regeni death
Italian newspaper claims Washington source has evidence of Egyptian security involvement in Regeni death
Regeni’s family to visit Cairo in October ‘in search for justice’
Italy to return ambassador to Egypt, ending diplomatic pressure over Regeni’s death
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