TOPIC generational clashes
A few things you might hear at Eid family gatherings
Eid is a time for big family get togethers. There are always hilarities among the familiar tropes and
A question of generations?
Naira Antoun | “This is the first step along the road,” a smiling young man sings in the video for “Inzil wa sharek”
Nader Andrawos and Alaa Badr
The Arab intellectual, past and present
Is it too self-indulgent to call such an ill-defined group a new intellectual generation?
Ahmed Naji
Farewell to the youth
Editor’s note: The author of this piece was sentenced to two years in prison on February 20, 2016,
Mother jails April 6 son
The accumulative failure experience and fear of everything
Mohamed Turky
When I was your age
Andeel | Father: "When I was your age, I was four years older."Youth: "Just give me the money."
Cartoon: Wisdom of years
Andeel | "And why, after all, should you bother playing a game and finishing a mission, when you know the electricity will cut off before you be able to save the game?"