TOPIC General Intelligence
Looking into the latest acquisition of Egyptian media companies by general intelligence
Hossam Bahgat | Mada Masr investigates a recent procurement by a private equity fund owned by Egyptian intelligence
Behind the curtains of the Foreign Ministry: Security apparatuses play for control
Asmahan Soliman | Diplomats reassigned, an embassy raided and a ministry managed beyond its leader's sight
Privacy International reveals intelligence unit tasked with acquiring surveillance tools
Lina Attalah and Mohamed Hamama | While Egypt's Technical Research Department works in complete secrecy, Privacy International suggests
Monitoring communication: Where will the state’s attempts to control ‘space’ lead?
Mohamed Hamama | On March 20, Google released a statement announcing it had detected a security breach originating from
Mohamed Elmenshawy
Tensions between Egypt’s FM and intelligence agencies play out in Washington
Why did Egypt's intelligence contract a lobbying company in Washington and PR firm in NYC?
Egypt intelligence signs $1.2 million deal with US PR company
Surveillance cameras to be installed nationwide
Al-Watan report on tax evasion by state institutions censored
When Egypt’s intel chief makes it clear
Giza gets new security director in wake of attacks
President appoints advisors team, new intelligence chief
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