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President’s eldest son, Mahmoud al-Sisi, sidelined from powerful intelligence position to diplomatic mission in Russia
The move seeks to alleviate growing tensions within the intelligence apparatus about his role
Mohamed Ali fallout continues: Sisi mulls canceling New York trip amid high-level meetings to combat ‘destabilization campaign’
General Intelligence Service Chief Abbas Kamel believes that the move would send a negative message.
Sacking TV presenter Osama Kamal: How graduates of the Presidential Leadership Program manage Egypt’s TV channels
Ashraf Hakim | "There is no mistake. Ramy Radwan will present the show instead of you today and going forward."
Sisi approves diplomatic reshuffle after months-long delay
Fishere was told that he had “crossed all political red lines" prior to his termination.
Ramadan 2019 TV: What watching has done to us
Fathi Elshekh, Hadeer El-Mahdawy, Heba El-Sherif, Isra Ezzeldin, Leila Arman, Mai Elwakil, Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira, Mostafa Mohie, Nawara Belal, Osman El Sharnoubi and Yasmine Zohdi | Mada has sacrificed some of its best journalists, sending them off to watch this year’s Ramadan TV
Sources: Egyptian intelligence issues order banning ministers from appearing on air until further notice
Ashraf Hakim | Current ministers will not be allowed to appear on air or conduct on-air phone interviews
Judicial candidates forced to undergo unprecedented evaluations as presidency exerts further control
Randa Mostafa | Law graduates applying to the Public Prosecution were evaluated by several non-judicial bodies
Sources: Presidency gives Egyptian media orders not to cover CBS interview with Sisi
Sources say Egyptian media received orders to refrain from covering CBS interview with Sisi
An industry under threat: Ramadan 2019, brought to you by Egyptian Media Group
Mohamed al-Aswany | On the changing television landscape in Egypt and the state’s critical role in the ongoing shift
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Mohamed Elmenshawy
Tensions between Egypt’s FM and intelligence agencies play out in Washington
Why did Egypt's intelligence contract a lobbying company in Washington and PR firm in NYC?
Negotiations between Egyptian intelligence and Saudi minister over news channel launch suspended after Khashoggi killing
Sources: Head of DMC network dismissed, plans to launch DMC News scrapped
New Egyptian intelligence appointments ‘reset’ Hamas negotiations in Cairo
Egypt intelligence signs $1.2 million deal with US PR company
Surveillance cameras to be installed nationwide
Al-Watan report on tax evasion by state institutions censored
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