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On awkwardness and acceptance: Me, my mother and the Rafah crossing
Farah Barqawi | How do interpersonal relationships fare across borders, given Egypt's blockade on Gaza?
Waiting for war: The siege on the people of Gaza tightens
Shireen al-Akkah | In Gaza, death does not seem like the most tragic fate
The tales of Palestinian fighters in Sinai
Omar Said | And how Gazan fighters started flocking to Egypt
Egypt’s role in Gaza: Putting disagreements aside
Omar Said | Palestinian reconciliation efforts take a step forward as Palestinian PM arrives in Gaza
There is no beach like Gaza’s: Talking to the makers of Gaza Surf Club
Amna Magdy | Despite the slight stereotyping tendencies, Gaza Surf Club is well worth watching
Hany Abu-Assad creates a fictional gem about the Palestinian Arab Idol winner
Rowan El Shimi | Set to release in Egypt at Zawya and other screens soon, The Idol is sure to score big both critically
Writing the Impossible in Gaza: A Suspended Life
Ismail Fayed | Ismail Fayed reviews another IPAF shortlisted novel, this time Atef Abu Seif's 400-page fifth novel,
Where is Palestine in Egypt?
Lina Attalah and Shady Zalat | Between anti-Hamas media coverage and invisible public solidarity, where is Palestine in Egypt today?
The elusive cease-fire
Lina Attalah and Nadine Marroushi | Egypt is continuing efforts to save its cease-fire proposal between Israel and Gaza and end hostilities
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Paul Sedra
The Salaita case and Middle East studies
On September 11, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees will vote on whether or not to honor an
Sharif S Elmusa
To act or not to act like a state
Scrolling through pictures on the Internet the other day in the middle of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza,
Omar Robert Hamilton
Ripples in the cyberpysche
While Israel’s manipulation of mainstream media bears the silken hallmarks of years of research, training
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3 Palestinians killed, 5 injured after Armed Forces destroys Egypt-Gaza tunnel
Hamas leaders on first official Cairo visit since 2013
Human rights groups condemn Israeli take-over of convoy to Gaza
Israel shells Hamas positions in Gaza
Egypt opens Gaza border crossing for 4 days ahead of Ramadan
Gaza protesters ask Egypt to bring back 4 Palestinians missing in Sinai
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Cartoon: Rebuilding Gaza
Tawfik | - Gaza reconstruction conference in Cairo raises LE4.8 billionSisi (whispering): "Half ... and half."
Cartoon: Sweet for Gaza
Andeel | Auntie: "Toota my dear, please come like this Gaza picture for me, my fingers are sticky because of these sweets I ate."
Cartoon: Looping
Andeel | #What'swrongwiththisphrase?Guy 1: "All Jews are racist because they all say all Arabs are terrorists."Guy 2: "Disgusting."