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‘Take it’ back please, Ramy Essam
Andeel | On Friday a song was briefly released on YouTube by Egyptian musician Ramy Essam. The song, Ashan Takhdoh
Toward an art that hides nothing behind
Adham Selim | Ganzeer’s metaphor imagines the world as a spectacle, something that you can choose either to gaze
A review of Hany Rashed’s toys
Mai Elwakil | For months now, Hany Rashed has been fascinated with the possibilities of plastic. He
Art hopping in Cairo
Mai Elwakil | April was a busy month for art aficionados in Cairo. Several exhibitions, performances and talks opened
Mia Jankowicz
A lick of paint
You probably noticed that Qasr al-Nil Bridge has been repainted in green and lavish gold. Just
Revolutionary graffiti book still being held by authorities, publishers say
Graffiti book seized pending police enquiry despite censors’ approval