TOPIC freezing assets
Civil society leaders fight travel bans as 9-year NGO foreign funding case drags on
European governments are prioritizing Egypt's curbing migration to Europe over human rights concerns
Has the government finally found a mechanism to seize Brotherhood assets?
Mohamed Hamama and Rania al-Abd | Under the new law, the government can directly confiscate assets rather than merely freeze them
‘Punished for doing their jobs:’ Lawyers defend HR workers in court
Mostafa Mohie | As asset freeze is upheld for Azza Soliman, lawyers present defense for Atef Hafez, Mozn Hassan
Five years on, efforts to recover Mubarak’s money are going nowhere
Heba Afify | “Well, let me put it this way … We have to see what we can do … I can’t tell
Death sentences and due process threaten recovery of Mubarak assets
Heba Afify | Former President Hosni Mubarak’s assets in Switzerland have been frozen since he stepped down in February
Frozen in Switzerland
Amira Salah-Ahmed | When it comes to the economy, everything is on hold until political stability returns to Egypt: tourism,
Khaled Mansour
History shows Egypt will likely fail to abolish the human rights movement
Continuous violations will create increasing numbers of human rights workers and defenders.
Gamal Eid
Chronicle of a civil society, chronicle of a death foretold
As a court verdict freezes the assets of a number of HR workers in ‪Egypt‬, defendant Gamal Eid writes
Public prosecutor granted greater powers to freeze funds unrelated to terror activity
Court approves asset freezes for 16 defendants in Case 1305/2018, including former ambassador Masoum Marzouk
New committee formed to enact rulings related to terrorist list, including asset seizures
Court overturns decision to add 1,538 people, including Abu Treika, to terror lists
Court adds 241 people to Egypt’s terrorist list
Court adds 1,529 to terrorist list opening door to possible asset seizures
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