TOPIC freedom of speech
Human rights in focus: Emad Mubarak
Mai Shams El-Din | The fight for freedom of expression has been a key part of the battle for rights in Egypt.   As
Rana Sabbagh
Arab investigative reporters: Life on the edge
The Arab press must continue holding authorities accountable, despite mounting pressures
Alaa Abd El Fattah
On the Sakharov Prize
It was with joy that I received the news of my nomination for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought,
Ursula Lindsey
The regime’s new clothes
Sometime in June, cars in Egypt began displaying plain sheets of A4 paper with the sentence: “Have
Petition against Supreme Media Regulatory Council bylaws gathers steam
Lawyer: At least 21 Ultras Ahlawy members arrested following controversial chants during match
Renowned Egyptian sex therapist accused of violating morals
Journalists Syndicate condemns French magazine for Prophet Mohamed cartoon
Voting process seemed fair, but political climate was not, say election observers
Strong Egypt members sentenced to 3 years for campaigning against constitution
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Presidential hobbies
Andeel | Writing on t-shirt: "I love freedom." Sisi: "In my free time."
Hossam Bahgat is free
Andeel | Justice must come out ahead.
A word for the people
Mohamed Turky
Cartoon: Sisi’s favorite thing
Andeel | Sisi (making mouth noises): "My all-time favorite thing about Egyptians would definitely be... patience."
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