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Declining foreign reserves, explained
Beesan Kassab | Foreign currency reserves have dropped by about $8 billion since the start of the pandemic
$2 billion dip in foreign currency reserves points to Egypt’s reliance on unsustainable investments
Beesan Kassab | The drop is a sign that the methods Egypt has used to prop up its reserves are unsustainable
On the Egyptian pound, living standards and real estate: An economy forecast for 2019
Mohamed Gad | Economists Ahmed Shams Eddin and Wael Gamal discuss Egypt’s macroeconomic projections for 2019
Graph | Despite record highs, a third of Egyptian foreign reserves are debts due within a year
Osman El Sharnoubi | A large portion of the reserve was built through short-term borrowing, which must be paid back
Sisi claims Suez Canal revenue is increasing, but it depends on how you count it
Isabel Esterman | In a Thursday speech extolling his government’s accomplishments, President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi took
Dollar shortages are hitting Egyptians from all walks of life
Isabel Esterman | "The bank is walking back its tough stance on the black market. All eyes are on the Central Bank."
Why does the dollar keep rising against the pound?
Beesan Kassab | The official exchange rate for the Egyptian pound has remained steady at LE7.73 to the US dollar since
Egypt’s wheat policies sow market confusion
Robert Barron | A series of back-and-forth announcements by Egyptian authorities has roiled global wheat markets and,
Local businesses are bearing the brunt of restrictive currency policies
Isabel Esterman | Egypt’s increasingly controversial attempts to hold the pound steady against the US dollar require
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August salaries for Egyptian embassies abroad delayed due to dollar crisis
Foreign reserves fall to US$15.5 bn, as Egypt repays loans
More raids on exchange bureaus as Egypt tries to crush black market
Central bank governor: Support for pound was ‘grave error’
Foreign reserves climb to $17 billion in April
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