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Egypt, corona and the IMF: What do we know about the new loan?
Beesan Kassab | The IMF plans to hold a meeting on May 11 to consider the Egyptian government's request
The government wants to reduce its debt. Will its new strategy work?
Osman El Sharnoubi | The plan is to reduce short-term debt obligations and avoid paying billions in interest each year
$2 billion dip in foreign currency reserves points to Egypt’s reliance on unsustainable investments
Beesan Kassab | The drop is a sign that the methods Egypt has used to prop up its reserves are unsustainable
On the Egyptian pound, living standards and real estate: An economy forecast for 2019
Mohamed Gad | Economists Ahmed Shams Eddin and Wael Gamal discuss Egypt’s macroeconomic projections for 2019
Graph | Despite record highs, a third of Egyptian foreign reserves are debts due within a year
Osman El Sharnoubi | A large portion of the reserve was built through short-term borrowing, which must be paid back
Has Parliament been sidelined in Egypt’s loan-approval process?
Mohamed Hamama | With the $12 billion IMF loan, Parliament will not have approved approximately $40 billion in loans.
A year in economic data
Isabel Esterman | Egypt has seen some good economic news in 2015: overall economic growth measured at 4.2 percent for the
Q&A with Sri Mulyani Indrawati, World Bank managing director
Amira Salah-Ahmed and Isabel Esterman | Whether hailed for spurring growth and helping Egypt modernize its economy or demonized for pushing austerity
Are economic indicators pointing to broader recovery?
Isabel Esterman | As Egypt’s government gears up for a major economic conference next week, it has been presenting a
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Finance minister: Egypt spent US$20 bn on ‘external obligations’ last year
Foreign exchange crisis drives up Egypt’s external debt
Foreign reserves fall to US$15.5 bn, as Egypt repays loans
Egypt’s foreign debt jumps in 2014/15, reaching Gulf War levels
Egypt among 5 countries most likely to default on debt: Bank of America
Foreign reserves drop to US$18.53 billion in July
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