TOPIC forced disappearances
State Information Service slams BBC report on ‘repression in Egypt’
SIS condemns a recent BBC report, which addresses social, political, and human rights in Egypt
The legacy of the Algerian civil war: Forced disappearances and the cost of amnesty
Sofian Philip Naceur | How does the history of forced disappearances left unresolved by amnesty shape contemporary politics?
A change of tune: Foreign Ministry issues mild response to US report on human rights in Egypt
Mostafa Mohie and Shady Zalat | A recent US report on human rights in Egypt has elicited an atypically mild response from the Foreign
After 3 years in prison, student searches desperately for her missing fiancé
Mai Shams El-Din | Asmaa Hamdy’s fiancé was forcibly disappeared a week before her release
Families of men killed in Arish say they are living with fear and injustice
Heba Afify | Citizens in Arish, North Sinai, are living in fear of forced disappearances
Disappeared, detained and tortured for no reason: Islam Khalil recounts his story
Heba Afify | A few weeks after being released from prison, Islam Khalil looks back at his detention conditions.
Recognizing the lotus
Chitra Sangtani | Why we should draw more pictures and steal more symbols
How forced disappearance broke the silence barrier
Heba Afify | In less than a year, Egypt’s Ministry of Interior went from outright denial in the face of accusations
The security apparatus: Defeat, failed reform and back to full force
Passant Rabie | “We take courses in human rights, but where is it on the ground? I haven’t seen anything applied
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Budour Hassan
Palestinians do not leave the labyrinth even after their death.
Abdelrahman Gad
Arab women in search of the disappeared
The crime of forced disappearance has contributed to the emergence of social movements comprised of the
Khaled Mansour
Behind the sun: Is this the end of the rule of law in Egypt?
The saga of young student Esraa al-Taweel, who disappeared for two weeks last year before security
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Report: Nearly 500 people sentenced to death in Egypt in 2018
US State Department report condemns Egypt’s human rights violations, Egypt rejects it
Lawyer: Trans woman arrested from her home in Giza, whereabouts remain unknown
Islam Khalil forcibly disappeared by national security after release from prison, brother and lawyer say
Missing lawyer Ezzat Ghoneim appears in court, ordered to be detained for 45 days
Journalist Ahmed Gamal Ziada disappears after being stopped at Cairo airport
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Where is Esraa al-Taweel?
Mohamed Turky | #where_is_Esraa