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North Sinai’s ATM war
“They won’t push you out, but they are daring you to stay.”
People, the government and businessmen: Who drafts the budget and who stands to benefit?
Waad Ahmed | A discussion on how a more transparent and participatory budget can promote economic justice
What will Egypt’s first sovereign wealth fund look like?
Mohamed Hamama and Osman El Sharnoubi | Egypt’s Parliament approved a law establishing the Egypt Fund, country’s first sovereign wealth fund
As Egyptians brace for further increases in living costs, government announces social spending package
Waad Ahmed | Ahead of anticipated austerity measures, Parliament has approved a new social spending package
3×3 on Egypt’s new investment law: Conflicts in governance and challenges to development
Waad Ahmed | Three voices answer three questions to map the dynamics and impact of the new investment law
Investment between 2 IMF loans: An unchanged philosophy and challenges to governance
Waad Ahmed | New investment legislation aims to address ongoing challenges to post-2011 investment governance
Financial support to the poor: Does it really work?
Beesan Kassab | Question marks around two government funds' ability to alleviate poverty with current austerity measures
What Egypt’s Finance Ministry didn’t say about VAT
Beesan Kassab | As Egypt’s Parliament convenes to discuss the controversial value-added tax law, Egypt’s Ministry
Egypt’s value-added tax, explained
Mohamed Hamama | What's in ‪Egypt‬'s new value added tax, and how will it affect consumers? We tackle your questions
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Finance minister: Egypt’s inflation rate expected to peak by end of March
IMF delegation arrives in Egypt to discuss conditions for $12 billion loan
With debt service costs soaring, budget deficit hits LE311 bn by May
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Despite big promises, Egypt’s deficit is growing
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