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Is it really possible to avoid politics in a place like Egypt? A conversation with Mohamed Hefzy
Muhammad El-Hajj | Can writer and producer Mohamed Hefzy evade political confrontations and compromises?
Margins within margins: What does El Gouna Film Festival’s industry platform really offer independent Arab filmmakers?
Yasmine Zohdi | The central courtyard at the Technical University of Berlin’s Gouna campus — El Gouna Film Festival’s
In Between: Your Palestinian identity and your Israeli-funded film
Menna Ekram | An Israeli-funded film by a Palestinian director raises questions about Palestinian filmmaking
On the importance of post-1967 alternative cinematic adventures in Egypt
Ahmed Refaat | Ahmed Refaat looks back at the constellation of three alternative film practices that emerged in the
On creative ways to fund films, and women who killed their husbands
Rowan El Shimi | Egypt’s indie filmmakers come up with alternative methods of making, from crowdfunding to no-budget
Cactus Flower: Talking to Hala Elkoussy about film and crowdfunding
Mahmoud Hosni | It has become apparent of late that cinema production is declining as a result of TV, as the Ramadan
Letting viewers see ‘unconventional’ films: Q&A on the AFAC Film Week
Ahmed Refaat and Sama Waly | The most pressing problem the region’s filmmakers face today is arguably the absence of good distribution
Legally or illegally? How to make a film in Egypt
Aida Elkashef | Many Egyptian filmmakers end up choosing to make films in secret, far from the eyes of the state, except
Egyptian cinema in crisis: The age of the low-budget film
Sarah Ibrahim | Cinema production in Egypt has become an adventure with unpredictable consequences. At least, that’s
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