TOPIC feminism
The thin thread between misogyny and emancipation
Ismail Fayed | Faten Hamama gives a rare, realistic portrayal of the frustration experienced by women in Egypt
DETOX | Better late than never
Women are rightfully angry, and they’re demanding to be heard.
Detox | Lazy beginnings
Our usual recommendations, if you’re spending the weekend at home in an attempt to fend off the cold
Someone sleeping in your bed: On feminism and marriage in Egypt
Ghadeer Ahmed | Ghadeer Ahmed on feminism and marriage in Egypt
Literary gems: Latifa al-Zayat’s The Open Door 
Ismail Fayed | A novel that enmeshes the struggle of ambitious young women with the national independence struggle
Personal status laws – Feminist testimonies from Egypt
Azza Soliman | Azza Soliman explains how Egypt employs a legal approach that restricts women’s rights
Bodily rights – Feminist testimonies from Egypt
Ghadeer Ahmed | I’ve been working on bodily rights since the revolution. Before 2011, I was a really ordinary woman.
Politics as a path – Feminist testimonies from Egypt
Kheloud Gomaa | Like most young men and women of my generation, my involvement in public affairs began with the January
Feminist testimonies from Egypt: A series
Hind Ahmed Zaki | The introduction to our series marking International Women's Day this year
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Salma El Tarzi
Things I want to talk about
My life is by far more valuable than what they like to call honor.
Soheir Asaad
Tali’at: Our Struggle to Reclaim Politics
Our national struggle has yet to develop a radical, non-hierarchical understanding of liberation
Hala Marshood
Tali’at: Putting feminism at the center of Palestinian liberation
Social violence has been manifested inward, typically within that smallest of ostensibly safe places
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Egyptian blogger menaced for nude photo defiling Islamic State flag
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Andeel | Woman: "Shit... a man!"
Cartoon: Socialization
Andeel | Man 1: "My wife." Man 2: "It's a pleasure."