TOPIC female circumcision
When it’s the doctors carrying out female circumcision
Pesha Magid | In a surprise development, 2015 saw the conviction of a doctor for performing female circumcision after
Nada Wahba
Feminine genitalia and well-behaved women: How circumcision has adapted and why it continues
Their efforts miss the point, addressing a practice that has, in the minds of many, ceased to exist
Report reveals Egypt has world’s highest number of circumcised women
Harsher penalties for female circumcision, but to what avail?
1st doctor convicted of female circumcision serves just 3 months of sentence
Teenage girl dies due to banned female circumcision operation
On world anti-FGM day, Egypt still ranks among world’s top offenders
In landmark conviction, doctor sentenced to 2 years prison for FGM
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