TOPIC Faten Hamama
Egypt’s Cinematic Gems: The Open Door
Ismail Fayed | Ismail Fayed explores Henry Barakat’s adaptation of Latifa al-Zayat’s 'The Open Door'
Changing art forms, from page to screen: Women in 3 post-independence films
Ismail Fayed | These films see much-needed change as having to take place over the bodies of women
Egypt’s cinematic gems: I Want a Solution
Ismail Fayed | The Said Marzouk film considered one of the few films to influence Egypt's rigid, unyielding laws
Egypt’s cinematic gems: River of Love
Sherif Abdel Samad | When Eldin Zulfikar adapted Anna Karenina, he gave his ex-wife Faten Hamama and her new husband Omar
Propaganda of shattered dreams: Remembering the films of July 23
Rowan El Shimi | This year I asked myself, do these films have much to offer besides their political message?
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Struggle in the Valley
Amany Ali Shawky | An intensely weird film about foreign-influenced feudalism versus socialism
Artists pay tribute to Faten Hamama
Egyptian actress Faten Hamama, nicknamed the “Lady of Arab Cinema,” died on Saturday at the age of
The conscript in Egyptian films: Part 1
Adham Youssef | Egyptian cinema may be criticized for poor effects, overrated acting and commercial tendencies. Yet it
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Cairo Station
Andeel | Throughout the film’s multi-layered body a suppressed steaming power boils inside, looking for a crack
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Paul Sedra
Faten Hamama and the ‘Egyptian difference’ in film
The Egyptian difference yielded a cinema in the 1950s and 1960s that was more daring, more complex, and