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A three-step guide to becoming a model Facebook citizen in Egypt
Samir al-Nimr | I don’t remember exactly when I decided to create a parallel identity for myself on Facebook.
Data mining, privacy and the case of ‘the International’
Mohamed Hamama | The case has raised questions about data mining, privacy and Egypt's cybersecurity laws
Media and technology: Beyond the Stockholm Syndrome
Lina Attalah | Lina Attalah writes about two skeptical interventions made this year at international media conferences,
Sinai tells its own story
Heba Afify | Sinai residents are frustrated by how Egyptian media outlets ignore the turbulent peninsula or depend
From students to judges, no one’s Facebook is safe
Mai Shams El-Din | Mansoura University engineering student Abdallah Azmy was studying for his midterm exam a few weeks ago,
Social media as archive
Laura Bird | Alongside many pages sharing contemporary imagery for political and entertainment purposes, several social
The guy behind Contemporary Art
Mai Elwakil | Type “contemporary art is” in a Google search, and the top three suggestions one gets are: “bullshit,”
Activists call for Facebook blackout after accounts of Palestinian journalists disabled
Déjà vu as Egypt court rejects lawsuit to ban Facebook and Twitter
Son of controversial film producer sentenced to 3 years in prison for ‘insulting Egyptian women’
Allegedly subversive Facebook activity lands 3 people in jail
Student arrested for leaking Thanaweya Amma exams on Facebook
Writer referred to court for criticizing Islamic sheep slaughter
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Soft boy
Andeel | Dad: "All your friends are calling people names on Facebook, and you are sitting here watching documentaries? You're soft, boy!"
On your mind
Cartoon: All girls are stopid
Andeel | Facebook status: "All girls are stopid."Guy thinking: "Is it stopid or stupid?"  
Cartoon: Likes
Andeel | How many likes for my birth picture?