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A song of the Crusades in the voice of the Gulf: On Wael Shawky’s latest performance
Adel Abdel Wahab | Adel Abdel Wahab reviews artist Wael Shawky's The Song of Roland: The Arabic Version
Iraqi-American artist Michael Rakowitz’s diversionary model of history fits our catastrophic moment
Dan Jakubowski | Strange marginal curiosities can help us detect a larger truth like the bending light around a black
A letter about a nostalgic art tour: A screening and three exhibitions in Cairo
Andeel | You were probably expecting this in a different format, but we’re living in a different time now
Don’t Shrink Me to the Size of a Bullet: The works of Iraqi artist Hiwa K
Dan Jakubowski | Encountering abominations with gaiety, interrogating the body’s openness dominance by outside forces
Against the tyranny of aesthetic fashions: Remnants of Enchantment at Gypsum Gallery
Ismail Fayed | For the first time Gypsum displays the works of two artists in clear reference to their educational background
More than quintessential Egyptian motifs: On Chant Avedissian in Madrid
María Gómez López | Transfer, Transport, Transit, points to the artist’s research and ambitions beyond nationalistic imagery
On part of PhotoCairo6: What does ‘art is for all’ mean?
Mohamed Abdel Raouf | On slowly realizing the circle of courage to create and consume art is wide enough for everyone
On part of PhotoCairo6: Enormous parents and the fear of falling
Mariam Ibrahim | Thinking about nation, family, Hosni Mubarak, obedience and rewriting the past
On a part of PhotoCairo 6: Defying romanticized notions of motherhood
Menna Ekram | Real, crude, honest and relatable accounts of mother-daughter relationships
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