TOPIC exchange rate
In the year of the economy, Egyptians kept their eyes on the dollar
Heba Afify | Can the conversations that have emerged amid Egypt's economic crisis get at the root of economic policies?
To cope or to resist: How people deal with abruptly deteriorating economic conditions
Lina Attalah, Naira Antoun, Reem Saad and Yasmine M. Ahmed | Anthropologists Reem Saad and Yasmine M. Ahmed join Mada to discuss popular responses to economic hardship
5 ways Egyptians are dealing with the dollar crisis
Passant Rabie | 5 ways Egyptians are dealing with the dollar crisis, from cutting back on imported luxuries to shady
Sisi promises no price increases, but it might already be too late
Shahd Essam | In a speech last Wednesday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi vowed that the devaluation of the
Dollar shortages are hitting Egyptians from all walks of life
Isabel Esterman | "The bank is walking back its tough stance on the black market. All eyes are on the Central Bank."
A year in economic data
Isabel Esterman | Egypt has seen some good economic news in 2015: overall economic growth measured at 4.2 percent for the
Egypt’s new Central Banker: High expectations, but no action so far
Isabel Esterman | The business community has high hopes for new Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) Governor Tarek Amer, but at
Local businesses are bearing the brunt of restrictive currency policies
Isabel Esterman | Egypt’s increasingly controversial attempts to hold the pound steady against the US dollar require
Q&A on the depreciation of the Egyptian pound
Mostafa Mohie | The Egyptian pound recorded LE7.73 to the dollar at the foreign exchange auction on Tuesday, and
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Ayman Ismail
13 simple truths about the economy
You cannot attract foreign investors if you can't keep your local investors.
Mohamed Sultan
The dollar: To LE10, and beyond!
Of all the people in the office, Maysara was probably the most afflicted by boredom. Everyone else spent
Timothy E. Kaldas
What happens if the Egyptian pound keeps falling?
The Egyptian pound is likely to continue to decline in value, and indeed needs to accelerate its decline
Egypt’s pound rebounds on black market after hitting record lows
Egyptian pound to be floated within hours: Beltone Financial
Beltone Financial: Sisi’s speech indicates the pound will be floated soon
CAPMAS announces decrease in value of imports in June, experts say different story in dollars
Central Bank keeps interest rates on hold
Dollar breaks LE12 barrier on black market, keeps rising
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Tawfik and Tawfig | 1. "Oh God I can't find my mama, please give me my mama..."2. "Mam..."3. "Thank God!
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Andeel | Five-pound note: "Would you please change these for me? Thanks."