TOPIC Ettehadiya detainees
Anti-Protest Law campaigners say Ramadan pardons are not enough
Heba Afify | A list of 165 detainees pardoned by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Wednesday for the holy month of
Blog: The “court”
Lina Attalah | At 9 am, activists, lawyers and families start coming to the Heliopolis courthouse for the first
Yara Sallam
I lost track of time in every sense of the word *
A friend said to me, “Expect to spend the same amount of time recovering outside as you did inside.”
Court upholds pardoned activist Yara Sallam’s right to vote
7 young people still behind bars despite Sisi’s pardon; lawyer blames bureaucratic errors
One year after Ettehadiya protest arrests, activists organize tactical women’s protest
Update: Ettehadiya defendants’ fate uncertain amid conflicting reports
Appeals court reduces sentence against Ettehadiya detainees to 2 years in prison
Appeal verdict for Ettehadiya defendants to be announced December 28
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