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Q&A with Environment Minister Khaled Fahmy
Louise Sarant | In a Q&A from COP22, Fahmy addresses everything from climate finance to Egypt's contentious coal use.
Thousands of fish go belly-up in the Nile Delta, and with them an industry
Nada Arafat | Stepping off a small boat as it docks along the Nile, Ahmed Khaled, a 22-year-old fisherman, looks dissatisfied.
While renewables stall, coal powers ahead
Isabel Esterman | In recent months, Egypt has announced plans to build the country’s first two coal-fired power plants,
A new minister, a different environment
Isabel Esterman | For a few months in the fall and spring, it seemed like Laila Iskandar, then minister of environment,
Cabinet announces plans to import coal
Isabel Esterman | After months of debate about importing coal, Egypt’s Cabinet says it has made the most decisive step
Future of Egypt’s coal imports still topic of heated debate
Isabel Esterman | With Egypt in the grips of both an economic crisis and a severe power shortage, the question of whether
Photography contest puts biodiversity in the spotlight
Isabel Esterman | Images of a yipping fox, leaping dolphins, marine turtles stippled with light, and a crocodile half-hidden
The coal war
Louise Sarant | Two weeks ago, a giant mountain of coal was erected in the port of Alexandria. Uncovered, and barely
Advice from green youths to Egypt’s new environment minister
Louise Sarant | Egypt’s finest young environmentalists convened downtown to attend the second Iftar of Icecairo, an
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Louise Sarant
Who cares if Cairo is the world’s most polluted city?
Seeing Cairo labeled as the world’s most polluted city should be a call for action
Maha T. Khalil
What should we be asking about Egypt’s food security megaprojects?
And why are the longer term impacts of these projects on the environment not being discussed?
Egypt commemorates World Environment Day, announces cleanup efforts
Update: Rare Ocean Sunfish dies during ministry’s rescue attempt
Alexandria cracks down on hunting and selling endangered sea turtles
Egypt’s environment minister proposes breeding crocodiles for export to boost economy
Environment Ministry announces initiative to rescue illegally kept wild animals
The black cloud of rice straw burning persists
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