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TOPIC energy and fuel subsidies
How to make LE89 bn in fuel subsidies disappear: Egyptians brace for steep price hikes
Waad Ahmed | What will it mean for Egypt to try to meet the 2019 deadline for liberalizing fuel prices?
Slash and burn: Reducing fuel subsidy bill at whose expense?
Waad Ahmed | Government continues pattern of price hikes for subsidized fuel types to reduce fuel subsidy bill
Report: World Bank policies in Egypt may exacerbate climate change
Jano Charbel | World Bank policies are increasing carbon emissions in Egypt, exacerbating risk for the most vulnerable
What’s behind this month’s spike in utility bills?
Jano Charbel | Mimicking a colloquial Egyptian phrase, “emsek harami” (catch a thief), online campaign Emsek Fatoura (catch
Egypt has spent half its petroleum subsidy bill for this fiscal year
Isabel Esterman | After keeping analysts waiting for months, the Finance Ministry finally released figures for its spending
After a law liberalizing the electricity sector, Egypt scores major investments at summit
Isabel Esterman | This weekend in Sharm el-Sheikh, electricity sector deals dominated at the Egypt Economic Development
Fall in global oil prices comes as a reprieve for Egypt
Amira Salah-Ahmed | The past eight months have been marked by a sharp and steady decline in global oil prices, a slump not
Feed-in tariff: A small step in the right direction
Isabel Esterman | When Egypt finally approved a feed-in tariff on September 16, the move was initially hailed as the government’s
Return your card: Subsidy recipients reluctant to respond to Supply Ministry’s initiative
Rania Tarek | “We call on every Egyptian who isn’t in need of the ration card or the subsidy to willingly
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Mohamed Gad
Talking finance: Will the minister reform subsidies?
Hany Qadry, the current finance minister in Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb’s Cabinet, might be an unfamiliar
Food subsidies to increase by marginal 5% in upcoming state budget as austerity measures continue
Egypt hikes fuel prices by up to 100% to save LE35 bn in budget
IMF releases staff agreement on Egypt loan, mission chief commends economic program’s progress
Egypt to raise fuel prices by up to 47 percent at midnight
Inflation drops to lowest rate since last year’s fuel price hike
Petroleum Ministry vows to tackle gas shortages by next winter
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Cartoon: The cheap shot
Andeel | #Chip shot
Cartoon: Shock and awe
Andeel | #Sisi raises petrol prices. Man in galabiya: "SHIT!"(Click on image above to see full cartoon.)Click on image to see full cartoon.