TOPIC emergency law
Keeping courts in a state of emergency
Rana Mamdouh | Emergency State Security Courts are a big reason behind Egypt's protracted state of emergency
Parliament approves Emergency Law amendment, permitting indefinite detention
Parliament approves Emergency Law amendment to address void left by 2013 constitutional court ruling
What Sisi can and can’t do under a state of emergency
What would a state of emergency mean under the current Constitution and emergency law?
Being Brotherhood
Heba Afify | Within days of President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster, members of the group from which he hails started
Amr Abdel Rahman
In search of legitimacy: From mandate to emergency law
With Sisi basing his governance on a popular mandate, is emergency law a way to maintain legitimate power?
26 members of 2017 campaign opposing Sisi re-election sentenced to prison by emergency court
HRW: Egypt is using emergency and counterterrorism legislation to criminalize political opponents
Emergency-free Egypt
Journalists angered at constitution committee press conference
Beblawi: State of emergency may extend for 2 more months
Hegazy: Curfew hours may be decreased
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