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How will the government freeze on electricity prices for industries affect the renewable energy sector?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Renewable energy companies say the move will significantly harm the sector over the next five years
1st week of Ramadan: Power cuts, long lines for gas and stray bullets
Two people were killed by stray bullets, and residents suffered power cuts and long lines for gas
What official statements on utility privatization are not saying
Waad Ahmed | Are Egypt's public utilities being privatized, despite government claims to the contrary?
Democratizing Egypt’s energy roadmap
Isabel Esterman | Decisions about energy policy in Egypt are usually made behind closed doors, with little room at the
After a law liberalizing the electricity sector, Egypt scores major investments at summit
Isabel Esterman | This weekend in Sharm el-Sheikh, electricity sector deals dominated at the Egypt Economic Development
Amena Sharaf and Isabel Bottoms
Egypt’s potential energy pathways
Egypt just hosted the sixth African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN). The theme this
Government raises electricity tariffs for industrial producers by up to 43%
Financing deals inked for Siemens energy project, linkage to Saudi grid
Cabinet approves draft law aimed at opening electricity sector
Business tycoon Hussein Salem handed 10-year sentence in absentia
Prime minister blames power cuts on vandalism, poor maintenance
Police find more than 62,000 cases of energy theft
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Cartoon: Wisdom of years
Andeel | "And why, after all, should you bother playing a game and finishing a mission, when you know the electricity will cut off before you be able to save the game?"