TOPIC electricity shortages
Militants scouted Batal 14 checkpoint ahead of attack | Death toll in Jourra reaches 5 | Union of Sinai Tribe announces killing Province of Sinai leader | Arish: Longer gas station hours
An attack on the Batal 14 checkpoint in the Arish village of al-Seel left 10 police personnel dead
1st week of Ramadan: Power cuts, long lines for gas and stray bullets
Two people were killed by stray bullets, and residents suffered power cuts and long lines for gas
After a law liberalizing the electricity sector, Egypt scores major investments at summit
Isabel Esterman | This weekend in Sharm el-Sheikh, electricity sector deals dominated at the Egypt Economic Development
Off with those lights
Passant Rabie | When the lights come back on after a lengthy power cut, it’s almost tradition to hear cheers of
Power outage hits Cairo, halts metro line
Sisi asks Egyptians to cooperate to solve electricity crisis
Electricity minister to replace alleged MB members
Officials trade blame for power shortages
6 MB members jailed for alleged plan to bomb electricity towers
Further blackouts of up to 6 hours a day anticipated until July