TOPIC electricity prices
How will the government freeze on electricity prices for industries affect the renewable energy sector?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Renewable energy companies say the move will significantly harm the sector over the next five years
Making ends meet: 6 stories of household budgeting
Six people with different incomes explain how the economic crisis is affecting them
Brace yourselves for higher electricity prices
Isabel Esterman | Bills for most household consumers in Egypt will go up by at least a third, according to new electricity
What’s behind this month’s spike in utility bills?
Jano Charbel | Mimicking a colloquial Egyptian phrase, “emsek harami” (catch a thief), online campaign Emsek Fatoura (catch
After a law liberalizing the electricity sector, Egypt scores major investments at summit
Isabel Esterman | This weekend in Sharm el-Sheikh, electricity sector deals dominated at the Egypt Economic Development
Off with those lights
Passant Rabie | When the lights come back on after a lengthy power cut, it’s almost tradition to hear cheers of
Lights out
Nour Youssef | Ashraf expects to wait when he goes door to door in Cairo’s Ain Shams neighborhood to collect payment
Government raises electricity tariffs for industrial producers by up to 43%
Government raises household electricity tariffs by up to 69.2%
Egypt’s poor are bearing the brunt of electricity price hikes: EIPR
Sisi: 2011 revolution negatively affected Egypt’s economy
Inflation continues to rise in August
Amid energy crisis, Egypt to regulate a/c units, raise electricity prices
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