TOPIC Electricity and Renewable Energy Ministry
How will the government freeze on electricity prices for industries affect the renewable energy sector?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Renewable energy companies say the move will significantly harm the sector over the next five years
Brace yourselves for higher electricity prices
Isabel Esterman | Bills for most household consumers in Egypt will go up by at least a third, according to new electricity
Lights out
Nour Youssef | Ashraf expects to wait when he goes door to door in Cairo’s Ain Shams neighborhood to collect payment
Amena Sharaf
Is renewable energy really too costly for Egypt?
High prices of renewable energy are consistently used to justify Egypt’s modest renewable energy ambitions,
Government raises electricity tariffs for industrial producers by up to 43%
Egypt’s poor are bearing the brunt of electricity price hikes: EIPR
Egypt welcomes biggest wind farm in Middle East
Financing deals inked for Siemens energy project, linkage to Saudi grid
Finance Ministry releases LE4.7 billion for subsidies, development projects
Cabinet approves tariff law to encourage renewable energy investments
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