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Export dreams: Will Zohr gas production allow Egypt to light Europe and its own cities?
Waad Ahmed | Can the narratives of self sufficiency and dreams of export Egypt's pinned on Zohr be reconciled?
An Egyptian-Israeli agreement: New maritime borders and Israeli gas imports for a reduced gas fine
Ahmed Saeed and Asmahan Soliman | Israel may reduce US$1.76 bn fine if gas import and maritime border requests are granted
Egypt to appeal ruling awarding fine to Israel after gas halt
Isabel Esterman and Pesha Magid | Egypt will appeal an International Chamber of Commerce order to pay Israel US$1.76 billion within
Supergiant in the sea: Who reaps the benefits of the Eni gas find?
Isabel Esterman | A “supergiant” gas field has been discovered off the Egyptian coast, the Italian energy company Eni
Egypt to complete talks on gas imports and border marking at Crete summit
Egypt ordered to pay over US$2 billion in compensation to Union Fenosa Gas
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Over 3,000 Egypt Gas workers continue to strike nationwide
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Egypt denies reports of plans to import Israeli gas