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To jump into the unknown: Egyptian laborers stranded in the Gulf in the time of COVID-19
Sara Seif Eddin | The COVID-19 crisis comes as the GCC countries attempt to reduce reliance on foreign labor
Stranded during the pandemic: Estrangement and limbo
Basma Mostafa and Hadeer El-Mahdawy | “If I’d known what was going to happen, I wouldn’t have come back to Egypt"
Egypt’s 3rd exodus since 50s includes people of all political persuasions
Beesan Kassab | Egypt's third wave of mass migration after the 50s and 70s includes a wider spectrum of people.
Is parliament the best way for expat Egyptians to be involved in politics?
Mohamed Hamama and Ibrahim Bassem | The new Egyptian parliament will have a set number of seats allocated for Egyptian expatriates for the
Everything’s banal: Mohammad Shawky Hassan’s new short hits home
Amany Ali Shawky and Laura Bird | Quiet, largely static images from everyday life are paired with audio clips from Egyptian news, prime-time
Egypt launches high-interest CDs to lure dollars from overseas workers
3 Saudis kill Egyptian worker in Riyadh
Driver arrested for killing Egyptian in Kuwait
Foreign Ministry: Egyptian killed in Kuwait was murdered
Rage pours forth after Egyptian assaulted in Jordan, but systemic abuse of expats largely ignored
Labor leader questions legality of new union for Egyptians working in Lebanon
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