TOPIC Egypt-Yemen relations
How does Khashoggi’s murder affect political dynamics in the region?
Asmahan Soliman | The ripple effect of Khashoggi's murder may alter regional political dynamics
Saudi-backed Yemeni president cuts Cairo visit short after being summoned to Riyadh
Asmahan Soliman | Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi received an urgent request to return to the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh
Expelled Yemeni AUC student given provisional UNHCR protection pending asylum application
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Does AUC have the right to ask a former student, expelled for violations, to leave the country?
Questions about June 30: Who were we and what were we thinking? Part 1
A group of writers and researchers gathered at Mada to share their thoughts about their positions on
June 30, 3 years on: A changing regional map
Omar Said | June 30, 2013 was a turning point in regional alliances across the Middle East. Omar Said charts the
A dispatch from Sanaa: Yemen’s ill-being, Saudi’s well-being; but what about Egypt?
SANAA – Ambiguity continues to shroud the extent of Egypt’s involvement in the Saudi-led coalition’s
Yemenis stranded in Egypt yearn for return to war-torn country
Jano Charbel | Estimated to number nearly 10,000, the Yemeni community in Egypt remains divided over the political upheaval
From desert storm to decisive storm
Omar Said | As soon as Egypt announced that its naval and air forces would join the Saudi-led Operation Decisive
Why is Egypt participating in Operation Decisive Storm?
Mostafa Mohie | Egypt’s participation in the military Operation Decisive Storm against the Houthis in Yemen,
Afrah Nasser
Yemenis in Cairo: A life of despair
Visa processes have become increasingly hard for Yemenis in Cairo
Yemeni PM arrives in Cairo, as Houthi rebels convene 1st parliament session in 2 years
Egypt reportedly deploys ground troops to Yemen
Egypt extends military operations in Yemen by 6 months
Saudi declares end of Operation Decisive Storm, but military action in Yemen continues
Analyst: Military ops in Yemen won’t impact Suez Canal
Scattered dissent in chorus of support for military strikes in Yemen
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