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On the giant that Bassem Youssef did not tickle
Mohamed Gamal | Our premature revolution was born from a sterile womb, and from that same womb Al-Bernameg was born
Too slow to become a TV masterpiece, Sunset Oasis revives interest in a fascinating novel
Hessen Hossam | Led by an all-woman team, this period drama gained attention through clear references to the 2011 revolution
Ramadan TV 2017: Some insight on what you may have missed so far
Television is as synonymous with Ramadan as cafes, religious chants and overeating
Mada’s Ramadan TV tips 2017: What to watch and what to drop
"Watching this series is as painful as having a tooth pulled."
Blog post: Upper Egypt, as I’ve seen it on TV and in my village
Ahmed Ismail | Ahmed Ismail, from Sohag, gives his version of a much-misrepresented region
Cinematology 8: In praise of Ramadan series Afrah al-Qobba
From Hamlet, mirrors and fire to the series' relationship with Naguib Mahfouz's ouevre as a whole, this
Grand Hotel’s Mohamed Shaker Khodeir on being a young director in Egypt
Rowan El Shimi | The eclectic director talks to Rowan El Shimi about being an unsyndicated filmmaker, and why television
‘Where are those places?’ Ramadan TV beyond reality and representation
Mohammad Shawky Hassan | Mohamed Shawky Hassan analyzes the complexities of representation and reality in Egypt's Ramadan TV.
Notes on mental health after watching Soqoot Horr
Naira Antoun | Naira Antoun takes the occasion of the Ramadan series "Soqoot Horr" (Free Fall to reflect on the portrayal
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Timothy E. Kaldas
Exaggeration invites criticism of ‘New’ Suez Canal
Any review of international coverage of the Suez Canal expansion will come to the
Emad Mubarak and Thomas Hughes
Censorship in Egypt: Online and offline
Freedom of expression and Egypt’s revolution Freedom of expression lies at the heart of the changes
Amr Magdi
Fear of the clown
Why bother? Why does someone like Bassem Youssef, who is continuously described by the regime and its
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Cleric suspended for making inflammatory remarks about Christians on air
Registration to open Monday for Egypt’s nascent Broadcasters Union
ONtv anchor suspended over alleged editorial policy disagreements
TV show goes on holiday following broadcast of contentious tuk tuk video
Video of tuk tuk driver railing against the state goes viral
Satirist Bassem Youssef takes on US democracy in new show
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Cartoon: Confessions of a citizen
Andeel | Anchor: "So today, as we approach the third, or maybe fourth anniversary of the January 25 revolution, we'd like to ask you: Do you feel like something has gone wrong?"Man: "I feel, but I'll deny it." 
Cartoon: It’s about time
Andeel | It's time for consuming massive amounts of food, drink and kunafa with mango in a way that totally contradicts the basic idea of Ramadan... 
Cartoon: Ramadan TV wants you to…
Andeel |  Forget everything.