TOPIC Egypt-Sudan relations
As tripartite talks resume, Egypt fears long-sought binding agreement on GERD may be mirage
There are fears in Cairo that Addis Ababa is merely maneuvering to stall for time
Sudan, Israel agree to normalization, while Egypt looks on with worry
Egypt is “extremely disturbed about the second wave of normalization," an Egyptian official says.
Egypt’s bet on international pressure yields scant results as GERD talks remain at impasse
Egypt's water minister blamed the lack of progress on “intransigent positions” held by Ethiopia
Egypt courts Sudan as time runs out in Ethiopia dam dispute
The clock is ticking in a long-running dispute over Ethiopia’s plans to build a mega-dam
Sources: US-proposed GERD deal sets Ethiopia water release at 37 bcm, major disputes remain
For the US proposal to become a reality, Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia must first make major concessions
Renaissance Dam negotiations between Egypt and Ethiopia ‘stumbling’ as talks set to resume next week
What remains in question is Egypt’s ability to manage its broader water resources issue.
Ethiopian bid for mediation, African Union suspension trouble Egypt’s play for role in Sudan’s transition
Egypt is an eager mediator in Sudan but its position is contested by Ethiopia and Kenya
Who are the key actors behind Sudan’s moment of violence?
Mada Masr presents some context on the different players in the developments on the ground in Sudan
Calling a coup a coup? Egypt’s African Union bid to make inroads in Sudan
Asmahan Soliman | Egypt to hold AU meeting on Sudan in Cairo in push to preserve military council’s leadership
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A desperate Bashir
Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir seems to be running out time — and money
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Sharing the Nile waters according to needs
There may not be enough water for everybody to get all they want from the Nile’s waters, but sharing
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Egypt’s Nile Blues
Ethiopia is forging ahead with the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the
Egypt, Sudan reject Ethiopian offer for transitional agreement on mega-dam to allow initial filling in summer
Militant cell linked to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt accused of plotting attack in Khartoum
Egypt earmarks LE1 bn for housing in contested Halayeb Triangle
Government official: Sudan rejects Egypt’s Halayeb Triangle offer
Sudanese president: We remain patient despite Egypt’s occupation of Halayeb Triangle
Egypt bans 2 Sudanese journalists from entering the country
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