TOPIC Egypt-Russia relations
President’s eldest son, Mahmoud al-Sisi, sidelined from powerful intelligence position to diplomatic mission in Russia
The move seeks to alleviate growing tensions within the intelligence apparatus about his role
Syria cooperation highlights progress in Egypt-Russia relations as hurdles remain
Asmahan Soliman | The past month has seen several breakthroughs on pending Cairo-Moscow diplomatic discussions
Putin visits Sisi: Dabaa power plant project to launch, but contracts not yet signed
Asmahan Soliman | There are said to be several concerns about the deal's technical and financial details.
Cause for celebration? From opposition to acceptance of the Dabaa nuclear power plant
Osman El Sharnoubi | While the state has secured Dabaa residents' approval, questions remain about the project's feasibility
Customs exemption for poultry reversed amid criticism from local producers
Omar Said | The government has reversed a controversial decision to exempt imported poultry from customs amid criticism
A year of grey zones: Egypt’s foreign friends and foes
Omar Said | Egypt’s foreign policy and diplomacy throughout 2015 arguably fell in some sort of grey zone, with
Is Province of Sinai behind fatal Russian plane crash?
Mai Shams El-Din | Speculations abound as the cause of a Russian plane crash in Egypt’s North Sinai on Saturday, which
Pursuing alternatives to American weapons
Pesha Magid | Egypt purchased two French warships at the end of September and rumors of new arms deals have since been
Egypt and Russia: Walking a tightrope of diplomacy
Omar Said | The significance of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s recent visit to Russia lies less in the details
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Abdallah Hendawy
In search of a legacy, Egypt’s leader buys arms
The question is why a country like Egypt, with very few naval or aerial threats, is seeking such extraordinary
Abdel-Azeem Hammad
From Nixon to Putin: Constants and variables in Egyptian politics
Forty years have passed since former American President Richard Nixon’s visit to Egypt in 1974 —
Timothy E. Kaldas
Putin’s Eastern promises
Much has been made about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Cairo. There has been speculation
Report: Egypt 3rd largest arms importer worldwide
EgyptAir announces flights to Moscow will resume on April 12
Report: Egypt 3rd largest arms importer globally, 2nd regionally in 2017
Russian state airline to resume flights in late February pending signing of security protocol
Putin agrees to resume suspended flights between Cairo and Moscow
Egypt, Russia sign protocol on security cooperation with aim of resuming flights
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