TOPIC Prison and prison writing
Detox | Deliver us to freedom
This is a guide to try and breach the barrier, as we long for the day that it finally comes down.
Probation: The (illegal) half-life created by nights inside a police station
Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira and Mohamed Hamama | Thousands of Egyptians are on a form of probation that violates Egyptian law
A slice of life in a Sudanese prison
Mai Elwakil | On the recently issued reproduction of Ibrahim El-Salahi’s Prison Notebook
Greetings to those who asked about me
Lina Attalah | Lina Attalah reviews an art exhibition about imprisonment at Cairo's Contemporary Image collective.
Graffiti for two… Alaa and Douma
Alaa Abd El Fattah and Ahmed Douma | Graffiti for two .. Alaa and Douma (1) I know that despair is treason but the revolutionary in my country
Yasmeen Daher
On revolutionary tradition: From Alaa to Kant
Tradition paired with revolutionary seems an obvious oxymoron, like a contained outburst.
Alaa Abd El Fattah
Our bodies and enmity: A personal introduction
The story is not about prisoners’ health, but the health of the nation.
Yara Sallam
I lost track of time in every sense of the word *
A friend said to me, “Expect to spend the same amount of time recovering outside as you did inside.”
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