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Clashes between Jund al-Islam and Province of Sinai: The return of Al-Qaeda?
Omar Said | Questions are being raised about the resumption of Al-Qaeda-affiliated organizations’ operations in
Rafah under fire: Closed roads, a communications blackout and shortages of basic necessities
Mourad Higazy | North Sinai's Rafah faces food, medicine and necessity shortages amid security campaigns
An organization without a name: How a group of beginners killed Egypt’s prosecutor general
Mohamed Hamama | A story of a nameless organization and Egypt's most ambitious assassination operation in a quarter century
Interior Ministry: 5 Hassm members killed, 5 others arrested
Court adds Province of Sinai, 319 people to terrorist entities list
Police announce death of 3 members of militant group Hassm
Military spokesperson denies reports that Israel carries out airstrikes in Egypt: Sputnik
Egypt-based militant group responds to UK blacklisting: ‘The UK is the terrorist’
UK lists Hassm and Lewaa al-Thawra as ‘terrorist organizations’
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