TOPIC Egypt-Israel relations
Sudan, Israel agree to normalization, while Egypt looks on with worry
Egypt is “extremely disturbed about the second wave of normalization," an Egyptian official says.
Trimming Turkey’s wings: Ankara and Cairo fight for influence in Africa and East Med
Turkey has emerged as the primary antagonist in areas where Egypt has been trying to make its mark
‘Deal of the century’ exposes shifts in Arab policies toward Palestinian cause
The Palestinian official called Bahrain, Oman and the UAE's support for the Trump deal "scandalous".
The ‘quantum leap’ in Egypt-Israel relations
Cairo must maintain good ties with Israel, even if some aspects of the relationship remain hidden.
The merry-go-round of occupation: Unpacking the stakes of Israel’s election
For the second time this year, Israel is holding a general election in an attempt to form a coalition
Hamas rejects Egypt-brokered ceasefire terms ahead of Great March of Return anniversary
Ahmad Shehada and Thaier Oun | The Egypt delegation left Gaza on Thursday to deliver Hamas’ rejection of ceasefire terms to Israel
Egypt expected to vote against US-drafted UN resolution condemning Hamas
Asmahan Soliman | Cairo intends to vote against an unprecedented US-drafted resolution, a source tells Mada Masr
Egypt exerts heavy pressure on Hamas leaders to halt attacks, refuses to make demands of Israel
Egypt exerted heavy pressure on Hamas over the last two days to declare a ceasefire with Israel
40 years on: What did Egyptians make of peace with Israel?
Mostafa Mohie | A look at popular sentiment regarding peace with Israel after the Camp David Accords were signed
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Mohamed Seif El Nasr
On the psychology of Arab crowds and the ethics of boycott
Popular boycott and public opinion in the Arab world matter
Nael El Toukhy
We just feel it: On Jerusalem and the power of ideology
"We feel Jerusalem is our capital, so it is. Other people and complex narratives do not exist."
AUC faculty and alum (listed below)
On Saad Eddin Ibrahim’s visit to Tel Aviv University
AUC faculty members assert Ibrahim's visit is a betrayal of the Egyptian and Palestinian people
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Egyptian official: Foreign Ministry statement on Trump ‘peace plan’ slightly watered down from initial draft
Supreme military appeals court upholds 5-year sentence against Khaled Lotfy, publisher of Arabic translation of Israeli-authored book
Parliament speaker warns against MP attendance to Israel’s national day celebrations
Private Egyptian energy company signs US$15b deals to import gas from Israel
Military spokesperson denies reports that Israel carries out airstrikes in Egypt: Sputnik
Location of new Israeli Embassy in Cairo finalized as ambassador returns to Egypt
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Cartoon: Looping
Andeel | #What'swrongwiththisphrase? Guy 1: "All Jews are racist because they all say all Arabs are terrorists." Guy 2: "Disgusting."