TOPIC Egypt-Gulf relations
To jump into the unknown: Egyptian laborers stranded in the Gulf in the time of COVID-19
Sara Seif Eddin | The COVID-19 crisis comes as the GCC countries attempt to reduce reliance on foreign labor
From desert storm to decisive storm
Omar Said | As soon as Egypt announced that its naval and air forces would join the Saudi-led Operation Decisive
The Brotherhood diaspora
Media statements by a number of leading Muslim Brotherhood figures over their intention to leave Qatar
Egypt’s political deadlock extends to the Gulf
Mai Shams El-Din | Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar last week, making
Egypt is close, and it’s got women in it

Sharif S Elmusa
Rebels beware of the bears that hug your generals
The young people of Egypt led the January 25 revolution, and the army inherited it first, then the army
Egyptian FM denounces GCC statement implicating Qatar in church bombing
12 Saudis, 1 Kuwaiti arrested for illegal hunting in Aswan
Egypt expects $6 billion in Central Bank deposits within days
Update: As economic summit draws to a close, deals said to reach $38.2 billion
Day 1 at the EEDC: Gulf countries promise US$12.5 bn in aid and investment
Gulf vows to continue propping up Egyptian economy
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Cartoon: Gulfie love
Andeel | Sergent: "And keep it in your minds lads, the Gulf gives us money because the Gulf loves us. Now jump."