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TOPIC Egypt-France relations
Rights take back seat to ‘priorities’ in Egyptian-European relations
Asmahan Soliman and Leonardo Giansanti | Despite Egypt's ongoing rights abuses, arms sales, migration deals and Libya negotiations continue
Diplomatic distance: Egypt skeptical of French diplomatic play in Libya
Asmahan Soliman and Sherifa Moataz | Egypt is skeptical of French-led efforts at resolving the Libyan Civil War
EgyptAir MS804 crash: Why has Egypt delayed the return of victims’ bodies to France?
Lina Attalah and Omar Said | Five months after EgyptAir flight A320 crashed, Egypt hasn’t released the remains of passengers.
Pressing problems in Egyptian aviation
Mohamed Hamama | The aviation sector in Egypt, both civil and military, is becoming a burden to the state as it seeks to
Ahead of French president’s visit: Will security trump human rights concerns?
Omar Said | French President Francois Hollande is due to arrive in Cairo on Sunday for a two-day visit that is expected
A year of grey zones: Egypt’s foreign friends and foes
Omar Said | Egypt’s foreign policy and diplomacy throughout 2015 arguably fell in some sort of grey zone, with
Pursuing alternatives to American weapons
Pesha Magid | Egypt purchased two French warships at the end of September and rumors of new arms deals have since been
Jenna Le Bras
France and Egypt: Allies of convenience
Does this relationship have any benefits besides contributing to the legitimation of a repressive power?
Alain Gresh
June 30, 3 years on: How Europe has re-oriented itself on Egypt
Alain Gresh writes on where the European Union now stands on Egypt, 3 years after June30, 2013.
Abdallah Hendawy
In search of a legacy, Egypt’s leader buys arms
The question is why a country like Egypt, with very few naval or aerial threats, is seeking such extraordinary
Egypt denies French claim of fire on board 2016 Paris-Cairo plane crash
Report: Egypt 3rd largest arms importer globally, 2nd regionally in 2017
French Dassault delivers 2 luxury jets to Egyptian government, despite previous denial from presidential sources
Egypt recovers 45 stolen ancient artifacts from France
Egyptian national suspected in Louvre attack refuses to speak with investigators
Egypt promises to repatriate French victims of EgyptAir MS804 on receipt of investigation results
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