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TOPIC Egypt foreign policy
Behind the curtains of the Foreign Ministry: Security apparatuses play for control
Asmahan Soliman | Diplomats reassigned, an embassy raided and a ministry managed beyond its leader's sight
Behind the photo ops, an increasingly tense Egypt-US relationship
Isabel Esterman | From Cairo, it can be easy to feel like the United States is an enthusiastic supporter of Egypt’s government,
Renaissance Dam crisis: Egyptian diplomacy between negotiation and escalation
Mohamed Hamama | The course of the Blue Nile has been re-diverted to run through Ethiopia’s newly built dam for the
Selim Mohie
Sisi’s charm offensive
How will Sisi win over leaders who have expressed tepid support for his 2nd term?
Sohair Riad
Egyptian diplomats should drop conspiracy theory
If you ask any independent observer to single out states that work to sabotage the UN Human Rights Council
Egypt remains diplomatic on Saudi-Iran fallout
Egypt’s tone shifts after signing dam agreement with Ethiopia, Sudan
Sisi applauds Saudi Arabia for its support of Egypt post-June 30
Sisi talks counter-terrorism at UN General Assembly
Foreign Ministry: Egypt won’t be part of US alliance against ISIS
Egypt ceasefire initiative garners international support