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US midterm elections: Bad news for Sisi?
Sharif Abdel Kouddous | What the results of US midterm elections could mean for Egypt
Behind the photo ops, an increasingly tense Egypt-US relationship
Isabel Esterman | From Cairo, it can be easy to feel like the United States is an enthusiastic supporter of Egypt’s government,
Saudi’s decision to up Egypt investments by 30%: Economics or politics?
Beesan Kassab | On December 16, Saudi Arabia committed to increasing its investments in Egypt to around US$8 billion
Strange goings-on with the World Bank loan
Isabel Esterman | In April 2011, when the Arab Spring was still in its first bloom, then-World Bank President Robert Zoellick
Loaded labels and Egypt’s economy
Amira Salah-Ahmed | It’s another year down the drain for Egypt’s economy. Three years since the January 2011 revolution
Recessive economy looking upwards
Minister of Planning Ashraf al-Araby declared Egypt’s GDP growth should reach 2.3 percent for fiscal
And the economy?
With the rapid unfolding of political developments, sporadic clashes on the streets that are expected
Amr Adly
Structural crises that have become pressing
Continuous political turmoil since January 2011, and the resulting decline in the annual growth rate
Nour Bakr
Speak softly and carry military aid
The United States’ policy toward Egypt has come under the spotlight once again with the controversial
Kuba Gogolewski
Big loans to big players
To many outsiders looking in, the seemingly resounding “yes” vote in Egypt’s recent constitutional
European Parliament adopts resolution condemning government crackdown in Egypt, calls for serious revision of EU aid
IMF welcomes Egypt’s austerity measures, advises against lifting food subsidies
Egypt reaches initial US$12 billion agreement with IMF
Balance of payments deficit rises to $3.6 bn in first 3 quarters of 2015/16
Sisi approves US$25 bn Russian loan for nuclear power plant
Egypt signs 2 billion euros worth of deals with France
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Cartoon: Don’t talk to strangers
Andeel | #Sisi issues law allowing life sentences to be given to those receiving foreign funds.Sisi: "Hehehe... Except me!"