TOPIC Egypt-EU relations
Is Egypt the new gateway to Europe?
Muhammad al-Kashef and Tom Rollins | There has been a notable change in the demographic using the Central Mediterranean route to Italy: while
Egypt uneasy ahead of UN review of human rights record
Mostafa Mohie | Over the past few months, local media has insisted that Egypt is ready to respond to any questions regarding
From EU money to Egypt, via tax havens
George Turner | The honor of delivering the keynote address at the high-level EU-Africa Business Forum earlier this year
Selim Mohie
Sisi’s charm offensive
How will Sisi win over leaders who have expressed tepid support for his 2nd term?
Alain Gresh
June 30, 3 years on: How Europe has re-oriented itself on Egypt
Alain Gresh writes on where the European Union now stands on Egypt, 3 years after June30, 2013.
Schams El Ghoneimi
A defense of the EU Parliament’s resolution on Regeni
As an Egyptian citizen working in the European Parliament, I think last week’s resolution on Egypt
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How effective is the EU Parliament resolution against Egypt?
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EU won’t monitor upcoming elections, rebukes Egypt for human rights record
Justice minister defends judiciary, pretrial detentions to EU rep
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