TOPIC economy
Declining foreign reserves, explained
Beesan Kassab | Foreign currency reserves have dropped by about $8 billion since the start of the pandemic
Egypt, corona and the IMF: What do we know about the new loan?
Beesan Kassab | The IMF plans to hold a meeting on May 11 to consider the Egyptian government's request
Mike Davis on pandemics, super-capitalism and the struggles of tomorrow
Sharif Abdel Kouddous | What are the political, economic and environmental structures that paved the way for this outbreak?
The Egyptian Iron and Steel Company: A symbol of optimism grows old
Beesan Kassab | Many employees believe that the company will be liquidated in as soon as two months.
On the Egyptian pound, living standards and real estate: An economy forecast for 2019
Mohamed Gad | Economists Ahmed Shams Eddin and Wael Gamal discuss Egypt’s macroeconomic projections for 2019
Tough times by the sea | A portrait of Fayed’s local tourism economy
Mostafa Darwish | Workers and summergoers at Fayed resort discuss the impact of Egypt's economic issues on the season
The We Want to Live campaign: Impoverishment is a political choice
Osman El Sharnoubi | How does this new grassroots campaign aim to pursue social justice for Egyptians?
What’s up with Egypt’s stock market?
Isabel Esterman | Egypt’s stock market, once one of the country’s economic success stories, has been sliding for the
Two takes on this year’s budget
Amira Salah-Ahmed | President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi officially ratified the budget for fiscal year 2015/16 last week after
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Amr Adly
The IMF as knee surgeon on a cancerous patient
"You ask me about the poor and their problems? These are issues that need creative solutions"
Dina Hussein
Galal Amin: A master of the declining art of teaching
Remembering Galal Amin not only as an intellectual, but a captivating teacher
Ayman S. Ashour
Egyptian startups: the need to localize
My journey as a mentor for Egyptian and Arab startup companies began some four years ago when an American
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Sisi’s interview with state newspapers: Economy, HR and Israel-Palestine
Head of EgyptAir resigns after mismanagement accusations
Egypt among 5 countries most likely to default on debt: Bank of America
Unemployment dips to 12.7 percent in second quarter
Finance Ministry aims for 5% growth rate, 9.5% deficit in FY 2015/16
Suez Canal Authority to borrow US$450 mn in short-term loan
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Cheer up
Andeel | "Cheer up, you animal!"
Cartoon: The beggar
Andeel | Sisi: "You see how your lost eye is useful to country now? Hehehe."Sign: "Help a disabled person." 
Cartoon: Might as well
Andeel | "Dear God, may your mercy cleanse me of my sins like a white piece of cloth, may you purify my soul with... Wait by the way, that flat in 6th of October City, please please I want it without too much interest on the price. Please God, please... please!"