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Economy in a week: Tax talks
Sherif Zaazaa | This week sees the World Bank’s Spring Meeting on tax talks, a conference on how to boost Egypt’s
Economy in a week: Egypt reclassified as frontier market
Sherif Zaazaa | After a three-year review, Russell’s Annual Index reclassified Egypt’s status from an emerging
Economy in a week: CBE keeps interest low despite inflation fears
Sherif Zaazaa | Against the backdrop of a major government reshuffle, maintaining the status quo was the dominant theme
Economy in a week: Little progress on energy crisis
Sherif Zaazaa | Despite the government’s growing energy concerns to provide for electricity and industries, which
Economy in a week: Amid political (un)ease, Fitch upgrades to stable
Sherif Zaazaa | Fitch Ratings has upgraded Egypt’s credit rating to stable based on the relative improvement in
Economy in a week: Slow growth, no problem, says finance minister