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How a young doctor assigned himself work at the beach
Mohamed Tarek | A majority of this year's grads abstained from enrolling in the new system
After doctors blame administration for COVID-19 clusters at hospitals, Health Ministry circulates new procedures in internal memo
The index case for the latter two hospitals is still unknown
Haunted by infection: Egypt’s doctors face COVID-19 without protective equipment
Beesan Kassab | At least 26 medical practitioners reportedly have contracted the coronavirus so far.
Coronavirus quarantine in Marsa Matrouh for China evacuees, sources say doctors, nurses tricked into the assignment
A medical source said the ministry had assured doctors the assignment was unrelated to coronavirus
A new healthcare system in Port Said
Mona Selim | Ultimately, the government would have to cover the health insurance costs of 30 million people
Daily COVID-19 roundup: May 17
As of Thursday night, 70 nurses had contracted COVID-19, and seven in total had died.
Daily COVID-19 roundup: May 14
Doctors Syndicate asks the president to intervene against "dangerous" new infection control measures
Health Ministry account refutes witnesses, medical reports, insists electric shock did not cause doctor’s death
Omar Said | Did Sara Abu Bakr die as a result of ministry negligence or natural causes?
One resignation after another: Why are doctors disappearing from government hospitals?
Mohamed Hamama | Recent months have seen a spike in the number of Health Ministry doctors requesting unpaid leave or resigning
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No backup sent to hospital after most of its medical staff contract coronavirus
At doctors’ memorial service, anger and calls for health minister to resign
Supreme Administrative Court overturns ruling stipulating increase in compensation for doctors
Doctors Syndicate general secretary and assistant resign in protest of ‘low ceiling’ for union freedoms
Doctor dismissed, sentenced to one year in prison over disagreement with local prosecutor
Mona Mina released on LE1000 bail after questioning
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