Against the tyranny of aesthetic fashions: Remnants of Enchantment at Gypsum Gallery
Ismail Fayed | For the first time Gypsum displays the works of two artists in clear reference to their educational background
Opposing the white rabbit’s watch: On Meeting Points 8 in Cairo
Ilka Eickhof | The serenity that surrounded this Meeting Points studio session might be owed to the time at hand, and
Sounds As If modernism is still relevant
Ismail Fayed | Ismail Fayed reviews the 2016 D-CAF visual art component, curated by Aleya Hamza.
Do-Mystic Uni-Verse
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Minute particles floating in the subconscious of the city
Laura Cugusi | On Haytham El Wardany's ‘Kayfa ta’ book: The tensions, social struggles and class inequalities that
Dissecting Ovid: A review of Doa Aly’s ‘The House of Sleep’
Ismail Fayed | The artist had dissected her own drawings and exploded them in a different scale and to a different medium.
The hysteria of everyday life
Ania Szremski | Doa Aly talks to Ania Szremski about Desire, Deceit, and Difficult Deliveries
Do it yourself
Jenifer Evans | "I have a problem with the idea that contemporary art is a Western product and when it comes to Egypt