TOPIC devaluation
1 year later: How has flotation impacted individuals and investors?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Egypt has seen living standards diminish and experienced a questionable impact on investment
The big short
It's the Big Eid, but without the usual big spending
Where does government stand in implementing terms of IMF loan agreement?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Mada Masr tracks Egypt's compliance with terms of IMF staff report timetable as the fund conducts review
A disconnect of interest: The social injustice hidden in Egypt’s monetary policy
Waad Ahmed | Would increasing interest benefit international creditors at the expense of Egypt's poor?
Books, copyright laws and the economy
Waad Ahmed | Informal publishers step in as formal publishers fail to respond to the economic crisis, but access continues
The We Want to Live campaign: Impoverishment is a political choice
Osman El Sharnoubi | How does this new grassroots campaign aim to pursue social justice for Egyptians?
Making ends meet: 6 stories of household budgeting
Six people with different incomes explain how the economic crisis is affecting them
Not all AUC students are rich
Mai Shams El-Din | Protests over rising tuition fees at AUC challenge misconceptions about the student body
Do stock market gains affect the wider economy?
Waad Ahmed | Analysts say the main index has less of an impact on the wider economy than prior to the 2011 revolution
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Mohamed Sultan
The dollar: To LE10, and beyond!
Of all the people in the office, Maysara was probably the most afflicted by boredom. Everyone else spent
Timothy E. Kaldas
What happens if the Egyptian pound keeps falling?
The Egyptian pound is likely to continue to decline in value, and indeed needs to accelerate its decline
IMF passes Egypt’s first loan review on condition of stronger fiscal adjustments
Egypt hikes fuel prices by up to 100% to save LE35 bn in budget
February inflation rate exceeds 30% threshold for 1st time in decades
Update: Supply Ministry rescinds cuts in bread subsidies following protests
AUC students resort to Egypt’s judiciary against tuition increase
Finance minister: Egypt’s inflation rate expected to peak by end of March
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