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Video | Exiting the Triangle
Asmaa Gaafar | A resident of one of the last buildings adjacent to the Maspero Triangle refuses to leave his home
5 days in Sinai: Military announces death of 4 soldiers and 36 militants, as eyewitnesses detail Province of Sinai ambush
Mada Masr speaks to local residents following the military's 16th communiqué on Operation Sinai 2018
Battle over the Nile
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Alexandra Stock | Attempting to prevent the dissolution of place and memory in a labor against forgetfulness.
Maadi demolition campaign turns fatal
Ali Abdel Mohsen | Tensions flared among residents of the informal neighborhood of Dar al-Salam on Monday, after a scheduled
A North Sinai resident
Terrorism and the city
Death has become the cheap currency of the city. Citizens are killed by both sides everyday. If they
18 detained in Nazlet al-Semman protests granted release
At least 22 arrested following dispersal of protest against demolitions of Nazlet al-Semman residential buildings
A presidential phone call and an official’s visit later, Warraq residents continue to reject relocation
Sudden renovation of Alexandria’s Raml Station spreads online panic
HRW slams military for forcibly evicting thousands in Sinai